Write every day
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As I set myself the task of writing every day for a year, I thought I’d better justify the commitment.

In this post, I’ve conjured up 10 reasons why I should write every day.

Hopefully, they provide you with the justification and inspiration to giving it a go too.

1 — You will become a better writer


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As both a writer and editor, I have different answers to “Should you include an author on a company blog post?”

My answer as a writer

Being a writer who wants to establish authority in a niche, I absolutely want my name and face attributed to every blog post I write.

Imagine producing something you’re…

Google Meet Virtual Backgrounds

Does Google Meet have a virtual background?

Yes! Google recently launched the ability to completely replace your background.

You no longer need to use the virtual background for Google Meet extension either.

Like you can on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype, you can now choose from Google’s default options or upload your own Google Meet virtual background.

How do I get a virtual background on Google Meet?

Dominic Kent

Director of Content Marketing & Communications at Mio. Founder of UC Influencers. Freelance Marketer in Unified Comms.

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