I charge £1,250+ for every blog post I write. That’s because I write high volume and high conversion blog posts that are worth investing in.

Rather than buying my time, my clients pay for the value of the end product.

My video course walks through a tried and tested process to write high-quality blog posts from start to scratch. From finding a topic to SEO and promotion, invest in this course to get your next post to 500,000 views.

Even if you don’t hit this milestone, you’ll learn how to prep a post for yourself, edit it so it’s the…

Where To Find Mena Dhu (On Draught) In Cornwall

If you, like me (for my Dad) are looking for a pint of draught Mena Dhu when on holiday in Cornwall, here’s a list of locations we can personally confirm have Mena Dhu on tap.

And if you’re not on holiday yet and can’t wait, click here to buy a taster case of Cornwall’s dark and mysterious stouts and porters 🍻

Where to find Mena Dhu in Padstow

🧭 🍺 The Shipwright’s Inn, 5 North Quay Parade, Padstow PL28 8AF

Don’t put this postcode into your sat nav though a Padstow is not car-friendly. There is free parking at Porthilly View PL28 8DH. …

Write every day
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As I set myself the task of writing every day for a year, I thought I’d better justify the commitment.

In this post, I’ve conjured up 10 reasons why I should write every day.

Hopefully, they provide you with the justification and inspiration to giving it a go too.

1 — You will become a better writer

There’s no evidence or science behind this but I’ve been writing for years now.

When I was first getting started, I often found myself with nothing to write about or feeling I wouldn’t do a subject justice.

Here’s the thing: when you write often, you can become a subject matter commentator…

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If you look at Content Marketing Institute’s B2B Content Marketing Research Study from 2020, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you won’t learn anything.

Sure, people say content marketing exists to build brand awareness and “educate their audience” but if you’re reading this (or that) then you already knew this.

Rather than insult you with the results of a survey you probably already know (because you answered it), I’ve taken an independent view of the state of content marketing for 2021.

About the author

I’m Dom Kent, a Freelance Content Marketer. I work in B2B tech.

I spend most…

Photo by Dominic Kent on MugshotBot.com

As both a writer and editor, I have different answers to “Should you include an author on a company blog post?”

My answer as a writer

Being a writer who wants to establish authority in a niche, I absolutely want my name and face attributed to every blog post I write.

Imagine producing something you’re so proud of that you want to share with everybody but it doesn’t have your name on it.

Best content marketing books

Fed up with content marketing book recommendations that turn out to be utter tripe?

That was me too.

When I googled “content marketing books” looking for inspiration and learning so I could better myself as a marketer, I became frustrated and annoyed.

After I reached a boiling point (about 20 bad books in), I decided something must be done to save all you other content marketers out there.

Here is the output of reading 100 content marketing books over the last three years.

Of course, I suggest you buy them all. (I will earn a small affiliate commission if you…

Google Meet Virtual Backgrounds

Does Google Meet have a virtual background?

Yes! Google recently launched the ability to completely replace your background.

You no longer need to use the virtual background for Google Meet extension either.

Like you can on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype, you can now choose from Google’s default options or upload your own Google Meet virtual background.

How do I get a virtual background on Google Meet?

Follow these instructions to get a virtual background on Google Meet.

First, make sure you meet the minimum requirements for a Google Meet virtual background. These are:

  • 3Gb of RAM
  • At least 4 CPU cores
  • At least 1.6 GHz CPU clock speed
  • ARM64 Architecture

If you do meet the minimum…

Content Promotion Strategies

You’ve written a post designed to take organic traffic by storm. What do you do next? Sit back and wait for the SEO goodness to do its thing? No! You should immediately be thinking about content promotion strategies!

Don’t have any of your own? No problem!

This post details 40 content promotion strategies that you can literally steal and apply to your own content.

You should also know: this post is 100% inspired by Andy Crestodina’s post. What I’ve done here is take the content promotion techniques I use the most and apply them in a practical sense.

Where can I post content marketing?

Here are…

Skype Virtual Backgrounds

Skype virtual backgrounds have taken the world by storm. What we once assumed was a business video conferencing tool is now used for pub quizzes, family catch-ups, and even school lessons.

Us Skypers love its HD video, usability, and helpful features (like screen sharing). But, most of all, people are loving Skype virtual backgrounds.

Let me ask you this: how messy is your home office?

Is your home office actually your bedroom?

You can opt for a default Skype virtual background or upload your own. You can even create bespoke videos if you’re fancy.

  1. Does Skype allow virtual backgrounds?
  2. How…

Dominic Kent

Director of Content Marketing & Communications at Mio. Founder of UC Influencers. Freelance Marketer in Unified Comms.

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